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Spending money on web hosting services is no different from a commodity purchase. The sad truth is, you don’t usually get what you pay for, because most hosting companies are smart enough to deceive their customers by using the term, “unlimited bandwidth” or “unlimited disk space” to their advantage. Even the best web hosts do not shy away from playing around with the word “unlimited”, despite being aware of the fact that the term is usually redefined to a different meaning as per the hosting company’s discretion.Today, experienced Internet marketers know that the term unlimited space exists only in advertisement. Bandwidth and disk space cost a lot of money to the hosting company. Most of them that provide unlimited bandwidth package at a fixed price are banking on a half truth promise to generate more business. How can someone put a fixed price for an unlimited supply? The key to the term unlimited bandwidth is buried in the “Terms and Conditions” of the hosting provider. Don’t be baffled if you end up finding out that unlimited bandwidth is only 20 GB! Most hosting companies are aware of the fact that unlimited deals sound lucrative to the customers because it curbs the need of further thinking. Customers believe that an unlimited package deal will end all their worries regarding space and server issue.However, the real story unfolds only when a customer encounters a problem in the near future. Majority of the websites out there consume very little sum of disk space and bandwidth. Web hosts that offer unlimited plan are relying on the fact that you will be using small amount of disk space and bandwidth. If every consumer starts using unlimited space to the fullest, the hosting company might go bankrupt very soon. Most unlimited hosting packages come with certain restrictions on audio and video downloads because these files require significant amount of disk space and bandwidth. They will start placing restrictions as soon as you seem like a threat to their server. You will be asked to upgrade the existing plan or figure out a way to reduce your usage, despite having an unlimited plan. In some cases, they might also suspend your account.As you can see the term unlimited is just a marketing strategy used by web hosting companies to increase their income. Although selling unlimited packages in a deceptive manner is a dishonest act, it does not imply that the hosting company will rob you off your money. They might have the best support system in place and they may also offer you some value added services. Your job is to check the web hosting companies terms of service to determine what they really mean by the word “unlimited” so that you don’t end up feeling cheated by them.In conclusion, unlimited space web hosting does not exist. Think about this, why would big players like Yahoo and Microsoft invest on hosting packages with high bandwidth and disk space rather than opting for an unlimited hosting package? Most experienced players are aware about the marketing gimmick played by web hosting companies. As a consumer, you need to figure out your bandwidth and disk space needs and accordingly opt for a limited plan that best suits your needs and requirements. Your best bet would be to resort to independent websites such as http://www.100webhosting.com to get unbiased reviews about the worst and best web hosting companies out there. 100 Web Hosting reviews will expose the real truth behind every hosting plan so that you will end up having a good deal for your hard earned money.