Cheap Web Hosting – 7 Reasons Not To Use It For Your Web Pages |

It’s perfectly understandable that nobody wants to spend more than necessary when purchasing any service.  Certainly there is a vast market for cheap web hosting and plenty of companies prepared to supply it.Firstly there is a difference between low cost and cheap.  Something that is cheap will often be of poor quality or have inferior support.  Cheap web hosting can actually be dangerous for serious web marketers as shown in these seven points:1. In order to provide cheap web hosting it requires the host to make cuts in the service available.  Those cuts will inevitably mean putting as many other websites on to the same server as your web pages because server space is costing the supplier money which has to be recouped from as many customers as possible.  To work efficiently servers need surplus space.2. The host should be managing the customer’s web activities to ensure safe and continuing service to all sites being hosted.  However, that type of management tends to suffer with cheap hosting and there is potential for a site to be banned by Google.  When that happens every site sharing the IP can also find themselves banned.3. Cheap web hosting requires limits to be placed on customers.  Limits such as the amount of server space available or the bandwidth.  This results in your web pages downloading slowly which frequently causes a viewer to move to another website before yours has completed loading.4. Google also uses load time as a factor when ranking your pages and they don’t like slow loading pages.5. Server downtime is much more of a problem with cheap hosts than with those that can afford to put in sufficient hardware facilities to offer the best service.  It is no good spending time, effort and money developing a web presence if it is going to be unavailable for frequent or lengthy periods.6. Server security is not as competently managed as it should be.  Costs have to be kept down but management costs money so it tends to be a low priority.  Hacking has been known to occur and cheap web hosting is susceptible to spamming.7. Very important is the need for good support but cheap web hosts cannot afford the numbers of support staff they really need.  Support suffers and response times become too long and, sometimes, the responses themselves are not what customers expect.The very cheapest might well be free web hosting.  If you really want to be an internet marketer and make money online then don’t even consider going there.  The facilities are so basic that you will never get a successful website launched with the facilities and support you will quickly need in order to develop and grow.If that is a list of seven reasons not to use cheap web hosting then how does low cost fit in?  Low cost is relative to what you could pay as a high cost and must be related to the service you get.  In other words, if two suppliers provide identical services and one is at a lower cost then it makes sense to use that service provided it gives you all that you want.In the end analysis web hosting is not a major expenditure compared to all the other costs associated with putting your web pages online and running an internet marketing business.  If you really want to make money online then do not skimp on the cost of hosting.  Make sure you get a good host with all the facilities you want at a realistic cost.

Unlimited Space Web Hosting – The Hidden Truth Behind the Lie! |

Spending money on web hosting services is no different from a commodity purchase. The sad truth is, you don’t usually get what you pay for, because most hosting companies are smart enough to deceive their customers by using the term, “unlimited bandwidth” or “unlimited disk space” to their advantage. Even the best web hosts do not shy away from playing around with the word “unlimited”, despite being aware of the fact that the term is usually redefined to a different meaning as per the hosting company’s discretion.Today, experienced Internet marketers know that the term unlimited space exists only in advertisement. Bandwidth and disk space cost a lot of money to the hosting company. Most of them that provide unlimited bandwidth package at a fixed price are banking on a half truth promise to generate more business. How can someone put a fixed price for an unlimited supply? The key to the term unlimited bandwidth is buried in the “Terms and Conditions” of the hosting provider. Don’t be baffled if you end up finding out that unlimited bandwidth is only 20 GB! Most hosting companies are aware of the fact that unlimited deals sound lucrative to the customers because it curbs the need of further thinking. Customers believe that an unlimited package deal will end all their worries regarding space and server issue.However, the real story unfolds only when a customer encounters a problem in the near future. Majority of the websites out there consume very little sum of disk space and bandwidth. Web hosts that offer unlimited plan are relying on the fact that you will be using small amount of disk space and bandwidth. If every consumer starts using unlimited space to the fullest, the hosting company might go bankrupt very soon. Most unlimited hosting packages come with certain restrictions on audio and video downloads because these files require significant amount of disk space and bandwidth. They will start placing restrictions as soon as you seem like a threat to their server. You will be asked to upgrade the existing plan or figure out a way to reduce your usage, despite having an unlimited plan. In some cases, they might also suspend your account.As you can see the term unlimited is just a marketing strategy used by web hosting companies to increase their income. Although selling unlimited packages in a deceptive manner is a dishonest act, it does not imply that the hosting company will rob you off your money. They might have the best support system in place and they may also offer you some value added services. Your job is to check the web hosting companies terms of service to determine what they really mean by the word “unlimited” so that you don’t end up feeling cheated by them.In conclusion, unlimited space web hosting does not exist. Think about this, why would big players like Yahoo and Microsoft invest on hosting packages with high bandwidth and disk space rather than opting for an unlimited hosting package? Most experienced players are aware about the marketing gimmick played by web hosting companies. As a consumer, you need to figure out your bandwidth and disk space needs and accordingly opt for a limited plan that best suits your needs and requirements. Your best bet would be to resort to independent websites such as to get unbiased reviews about the worst and best web hosting companies out there. 100 Web Hosting reviews will expose the real truth behind every hosting plan so that you will end up having a good deal for your hard earned money.

Choosing An Excellent Web Hosting Provider |

No matter how good a website is, it’s all a complete waste if the hosting isn’t up to basic minimum standards. Before starting anything, it is absolutely essential to find the best web host to match the purpose and needs of the website. Here’s a few tips that’ll help narrow down the options.Reviews: Good reviews are the life blood of this business. There are plenty of the best web host review sites, but it’s easier to find reviews for a specific host directly through search. Do a search for ‘xyz hosting reviews’ and read all the reviews. One review won’t cover all the aspects, so take some time finding reviews and make sure that the host is reliable, and capable of providing the requisite level of service. Note: Be careful with what you see on review site as you may notice the same companies are the top 10 for every review site. This is because these companies pay the highest affiliate commissions. These review sites get their revenue from referring customers to the best web host. The problem with this is that the additional cost is actually paid for by the customers in that they are paying a lot more for a mostly lower quality service.Awards: A better measurement of the quality of a web host although be careful with these as well. There are a lot of sites who perpetrate to award web hosting companies; they give the awards to the higher paying affiliate programs as well. A good resource is the Webhost Directory at they do not use the web hosting affiliate links and are not paid to give awards. The customers vote for each company and the results are tabulated by the system. They have the best system for granting awards compared to other sites but this is also not without trouble. Some of these same top 10 hosting companies pay people to place votes for their company, thereby ensuring they receive more votes than the other companies.Price: Rates are subjective, since it depends on many factors. For instance, how much space and bandwidth does the website need? Is the project big enough to warrant a dedicated server, or will shared hosting be sufficient? How many domains, sub-domains and email accounts are required? Then there is the add-on pricing to be considered. Some hosts offer free domains, while most will ask site owners to buy a domain. Some hosts are eCommerce ready, and others offer free design tools. There are so many things a website might need, and it’s better to figure out the needs, and then find a host that offers everything required under the base price.Windows vs Linux: The server OS is an important choice that need to be made, because it’s hard to switch once the site is operational. Some scripts such as WordPress don’t run on Windows servers. On the other hand, Microsoft’s ASP won’t run on Linux web hosts. If all this doesn’t make much sense, it’s best to look it up now because it gets pretty hard later on if a website needs a blog and it’s hosted on a Windows server. SEO: It’s an open secret that search engines respond well to some web hosts while giving short shrift to others. It’s not favoritism, just part science and part algorithm. Every host offers different page loading speeds, IP ranges and hosts specific types of web sites. This is why it’s necessary to understand things like a Class-C IP address and what it means to have a website stuck in a bad neighborhood. It may seem like a lot of geek talk, but it does have a big impact on search traffic.Features: Regardless of budget or needs, some things should always come by default with every package. The must-have features include a control panel (cPanel or Plesk), POP/POP3 email accounts with webmail access, FTP access, scripting support (PHP, CGI, MySQL database, etc) and web analytics with access to log files. The list of features every web host offers is huge, but the aforementioned things are the ones which are sometimes left out by a few hosts even though they’re all necessary for most websites.