Benefits of Web Hosting to a Webmaster |

As someone new to the concept of online business, it is quite normal for you to wonder if it is required to use web hosting for your business. Making your decision is much easier if you realize the benefits using web hosts and the importance it has in your online site. To enjoy maximum benefits your host you have to know what the hosting services offers, and if it is just what your business requires.With the help of the right hosting company, you will be provided with help to feature all the information, images, videos, audio files and other such data about your product or services to the world. It is no point in just creating content and files and adding it to your website. It is only if your host is a reliable one that all this content reaches prospective customers and visitors.Web hosting services help you interact with customers A web hosting service provides its customers with a server space which you can use for storing all these website files. It is through this disk space that you can upload or save codes and files that collectively create a website. An online business has an increasing need of data storage space and you will thus require sufficient data space to store all this data.While choosing your host, you have to choose one with a larger bandwidth so that your site will be able to handle heavy web traffic. Consequently, the web hosting company also keeps a tab on all the visitors to your website.You can thus contact them to find out which types of customers access your website the most, and how long they usually stay on your web pages. With the help of this information, you will be able to improve your business.Create a more professional website with a web hostAnother benefit of web hosting is that it helps you create various email accounts on your website. The more email accounts your website has, the more professional your website looks. Moreover, customers tend to trust in and believe companies that carry out correspondence from their website’s email address.Web hosting also lets you add exciting features to your website to make it more user friendly like shopping carts for e-commerce sites, communities, forums and chat panels. These features also let you find out what your customer thinks about your product, and your site.Ensure proper functioning of your website Another benefit worth mentioning about using hosting services is that it helps maintain a full and well functioning server for your website. There is always a possibility of a server crash, wherein your visitors and customers find it difficult to view and access your site. However this can be avoided if you use a host as a host generally have a back up server.Hosting services also help you advertise about your business by helping you promote the services and product you have to offer. With its worldwide reach, there is the potential and possibility of thousands of potential customers reaching your website.Last, but not least, hosting is affordable to most web hosts and is thus, a cost effective means of operating and advertising a website.

Key Reasons As Why Paid Web Hosting Is Preferred to Free Web Hosting |

All types of websites require a web hosting provider to provide the necessary web hosting features as well as the internet connectivity to operate their website effectively. There is a good variety of hosting services plans available from the market today which one can choose from based on one’s selection criteria such as budget, requirements, features and options, security level, etc.On high level, there are two main category; one is the free web service plan where one does not need to pay for monthly fees for using the features and options provided; while on the other hand, there is the paid web service plan which is chargeable to the web-masters who are using the services and features provided. Some examples of paid services shared web services, dedicated web services, virtual web services, reseller web services and many more.For free web services, as there is not very much of an investment effort which have been carried out from the free web host end, they decided to provide their services free of charge to their customers with the condition that they are allowed to place any advertisements on their clients’ websites at any one time to promote the products and services of a third party for a fee which helps them to maintain their existing site and server.It is unarguably true that a paid web service provider is recognized for their great customer support, high reliability, tight security control, good up-time of their server, and excellent technical support. Any e-commerce websites or serious online business will normally go with the paid web hosting company for what they really need is to be able to get the necessary hosting services which is of high quality and reliable for every moment counts for those huge corporations which run their operations like 24/7 all year through.Any downtime to these websites of those huge corporation spelt disaster and losses for they will not be able to generate any revenue at all if their websites are down. At the same time, customers will tend to move to other sites if these downtime occurrences have not being controlled and look into seriously. That’s the main reason why a free web service plan is never the right candidate for e-commerce websites or websites for huge online corporations, for free hosting provider does not take into much consideration of the services and technical support, as well as the security features and types of options available to their clients as much as the paid web host.It is highly recommend for anyone who are opting to find their web hosting provider to learn all that they can by checking out some of the popular web hosting reviews sites to get their comments and insights, or consulting some of the ex- customers of that particular web service provider on their previous experiences. There is really no secret in this industry for a good web host provider will eventually get identified and found by their keen customers. On the other hand, a poor web service provider will never be able to hide their weaknesses and lacking for a long time.
It is truly important and crucial for you to perform the spadework before choosing for your web service provider who always keep to their commitment and policy to deliver their best to their customers at all times.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Dedicated Web Hosting |

Dedicated web hosting is a form of web hosting services where the web host leases you an entire server for your own use. You thus have the power of control over all parts of the server ranging from its operating system to hardware.There are various advantages associated with this control and reliability of dedicated web hosting. As you will be provided with a control panel with dedicated hosting, you will be able to install particular applications, scripts or configurations as you require for your site.Everything you install and apply on the site will be for your personal use and not to share with anyone. If there is anything to be repaired on the website, it can be done just by interfering with the host’s repair services and provide solutions as required.Help improve web traffic to your siteIn addition to this, with a dedicated web host, you will be able to upgrade any software and add any patches to improve the performance of a website as you like. This is attributed to the 24 hour access you have to the functioning of the website.As dedicated server disk space is completely at your disposal, you will be able to store as much data you want like website files, images and databases in it. The increased bandwidth associated with dedicated hosting provides for better data transfer which helps improve the performance of your website. This in turn improves web traffic to your site and gives a better and stronger image to your company and business.Additional security As you don’t share anything on dedicated web hosts with others, there is a reduced risk of any security lapse in your website. This additional security feature makes it better to consider using dedicated web hosting if you have an ecommerce website, where lots of monetary transactions take place on a daily basis.Moreover, there is no worry of any changes being made to the server as no one but you have the authority to make any changes here. However in case you need to share some of your resources on your web host with other websites, it can be arranged.It is better to consider and use dedicated hosts only if you have knowledge of operating systems as there is lots of technicalities involved in its running. As a server administrator, you should be able to periodically update server applications, monitor the traffic to your site, balance the load on your servers and configure FTP, email and DNS services.So it can be said that the best people to consider dedicated hosting are web designers and developers, content restricted sites, sites having rich traffic and lots of protected information and enterprise level websites.Only and main disadvantage of dedicated web hostingAgainst so many advantages of a dedicated host, it has only one drawback or disadvantage which is its cost. However if you consider the boom that is taking place in the hosting industry, you can expect this host’s rates to reduce considerably over time.Of course, to some, the requirement of technical skills to use dedicated web hosting could be considered an added disadvantage as not everyone will be well versed with these skills.